Wayside Amenities

Developing Wayside Amenities on National Highways

Indian Highways Management Company (IHMCL) proudly announces launching of an ambitious project to provide wayside amenities to millions of travelers on the National Highways.



Travelers on National Highways often face lack of structured wayside amenities like clean toilets, hygienic restaurants, dhabas, vehicle repair shops, ATM etc. Many a time the facilities, even if available, do not meet the diverse requirements of different categories of road users e.g. car and bus passengers, truck drivers, transporters etc. Lack of required facilities not only causes inconvenience but also sometimes results in insufficient rest and consequent lack of attention among drivers, which is a serious road safety issue.

To address the much felt need of the Highways travelers, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) and National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) entrusted IHMCL with the project of Development and Management of Wayside Amenities along National Highways in India.

The Project aims to provide standardized and hygienic facilities along all National Highways at regular intervals. These facilities shall have hygienic food courts, dhabas, clean and usable toilets, washrooms, facility for short stay, minor vehicle repairs, fuel pumps and kiosks for sundry items. Distinct facilities will be developed for car and bus passengers, for truck drivers and transporters to cater to their diverse requirements, expectations and to suit the budget of each user.


  • Development of Wayside Amenities along the entire length of more than 96,000 km of National Highways
  • Development of Model Wayside Amenities to begin with.
  • Separate facilities for car and bus users and truck crew.
  • Clean and hygienic facilities to the Highway users.
  • Development of three categories of wayside amenities depending upon land availability and feasibility:


Comprehensive Wayside Amenities including fuel station


Type – 2
Way side amenities for car & Bus users including fuel station

Type – 3
Way side amenities for truck users including fuel station

Wayside Amenity having separate facilities at one site for both types of users, viz. Car & Bus Users and Truck Users.

Wayside Amenity exclusively for Car & Bus Users.

Exclusive Wayside Amenity for Truck Drivers suiting their requirements.


  • Accommodations and Dormitories for Short Stay
  • Food Court, Kiosks, Branded Food Outlets
  • ‘Dhabas’ to cater to Truck Drivers
  • Parking Space, Fuel Pump, Minor Workshops for Repair
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Clean Toilets/Restrooms
  • Village Haat for local specialities


Ministry of Road Transport & Highways AND National Highways Authority of India

IHMCL will initially develop a few Model Wayside Amenities in partnership with MoRTH and NHAI